Dolphin and Human together

July 2013 Updates

Hi Friends! I’m super excited to write this update about the things that Pure Fin, LLC has going on! In about a week and a half, the Pure Fin Holistic Wellness Facilitators will be traveling to the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  They’re scheduled to leave from the states on August 6th and return on August […]

Hippo the dolphin is in the water with Krystal and his Trainer

Dolphins in Wellness Work

As mentioned in the previous post, one reason we started this blog is to share with you, our reader, information about Dolphins and how Dolphins interact with people in holistic wellness work. Dolphins have been working with humans for some time.  John Upledger, founder of the Upledger Institute, talks about his encounters with dolphins as […]

The Holistic Wellness Facilitators from Pure Fin

We’re So Excited!

Welcome to the first post for Pure Fin, LLC!  We’re so excited to share our passion for dolphins and holistic wellness with you! For more detailed information on Pure Fin, LLC and our organization, you can always visit our website.   We’re a group of people excited about dolphins and about connecting people with dolphins […]