We’re So Excited!

Welcome to the first post for Pure Fin, LLC!  We’re so excited to share our passion for dolphins and holistic wellness with you!

For more detailed information on Pure Fin, LLC and our organization, you can always visit our website.   We’re a group of people excited about dolphins and about connecting people with dolphins to assist them in reaching their holistic wellness goals!

We’ve got a trip coming up soon to the British Virgin Islands, and the activity at the main office is a flurry of plane and ferry reservations.  It’s amazing all that goes into organizing a dolphin trip, and our Founder, Krystal Couture, is working diligently to make sure that everything goes smoothly for our participants and facilitators.

Pure Fin has been going to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for some time now.  It’s a great place to travel to and the islands host Dolphin Discovery: Tortola – Dolphin Discovery is an amazing facility that Pure Fin has worked with on many trips, and the trainers and staff at the facility have an amazing relationship with the dolphins in their care.

While the facility is outstanding, one of the most outstanding parts of Dolphin Discovery is the dolphins who live there!  Here’s a photo of Venus the dolphin:

Venus - an amazing Dolphin @ Dolphin Discovery in Tortola

She is a very, very smart dolphin and has a sweet, playful personality.  Venus is a loving, caring creature who is also playful and fun!  She is the first dolphin that our founder, Krystal, had a strong connection with!  She’s in her twenties and  just had a baby!  She’s had three babies so far, and the last one is now just about a year old.  You can see an awesome photo of Venus and Hippo, the alpha male, on the Facebook page of Dolphin Discovery: Tortola  We’ll talk about Hippo another time!

In the future, we hope to share a lot of stories with you about Venus and the other dolphins, as well as our experiences and adventures.  Our trip in August is sure to be a blast, and we’re excited to write about Pure Fin and all that goes into our travels!


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