Dolphins in Wellness Work

As mentioned in the previous post, one reason we started this blog is to share with you, our reader, information about Dolphins and how Dolphins interact with people in holistic wellness work.

Dolphins have been working with humans for some time.  John Upledger, founder of the Upledger Institute, talks about his encounters with dolphins as early as 1954.  In the article, “Dolphin Intuition Runs Deep”  Upledger describes how, even when he was serving in the Coast Guard, he was able to interact with dolphins on a very profound and intuitive level.

I was participating in my very first “swim call” and was more than a little nervous about it…. I bravely dove in anyway.  Almost immediately I found myself escorted by one dolphin who was longer than I was.  It was as though the dolphin sensed my anxiety and sympathized with me.  He/she touched me and all my fear disappeared.

Many people have had similar experiences to Upledger, where dolphin intuition has made an incredible difference in their own lives.  In the same publication, a woman named Barb Tresness describes how she took her son to a dolphin program.  Her son had intensive seizures at birth and was diagnosed later with cerebral palsy.  His own experience was profound; Barb describes in the article that the dolphins seemed to sense her son’s anxiety, and responded accordingly:

The dolphins looked for the best way to get close to Graham.  It was amazing to watch… They would touch him directly.  They would vary the speed of the approach.  They would weave also weave through and touch the therapists and me, sending energy to Graham.

In the article, Barb tells of how her son, through interaction with dolphins, was able to find a place of peace and relaxation.  The dolphins connected to Graham on an intuitive level to assist him with his process.  In addition, and surprisingly, dolphin intuition also benefited Barb!

I was holding Graham’s hand when I suddenly felt a dolphin’s nose on my jaw.  I was stunned.  I had suffered from jaw pain for 20-plus years.  How could this dolphin know that!?!

As Barb, Graham, and Upledger experienced, dolphins have an incredible intuition.  Upledger himself states:

Over time, my intuition told me that there was great wisdom residing within each dolphin I met.  What is more, I was certain that each possessed a powerful ability to understand a person’s needs…

Our own facilitators at Pure Fin have experienced the same.  Hippo, one of the amazing dolphins at Dolphin Discovery in Tortola, worked with our Founder, Krystal Couture, to facilitate  her own wellness journey.

As I was lying in the water, I was very aware of the bright sun and the dolphin presence around me. I suddenly got a chill that ran through my whole body. I opened my eyes to verify for myself that I was still in the Caribbean heat, and I was. I quickly realized that my body being cold was an experience from the past. Once I came into awareness of this, I immediately thought of a downhill ski race trauma that I had experienced fifteen years ago. I had a pretty bad concussion and thought perhaps that I was accessing the concussion. But my body negated it, and my attention was drawn to my right knee. I immediately recalled that my knee was torqued in the fall as my ski caught the gate. At this moment, Hippo place his rostrum against the outside of my knee. Suddenly I realized that the pain I had with my knee for fifteen years was not from repetitive injury, but from that specific trauma. I felt my knee release. The release became deeper each time Hippo contacted my knee. This went on for 4 or 5 times and then it felt like my knee was renewed! I was able to bend and straighten my knee in the water without pain or clicking. On land, my knee was comfortable for the first time in years. Since this experience I have been able to complete activities I enjoy without discomfort. I am really grateful for Hippo’s intuitive sense and guidance in my holistic experience.

Hippo swims under the water while Krystal floats in her session

Hippo approaches Krystal to make contact with her hand during her session.

Hippo the dolphin is in the water with Krystal and his Trainer

Hippo swimming under Krystal, working with her and touching her knee.

You can find more information on the experiences of the Pure Fin holistic wellness facilitators on our website.  And for info on our upcoming trips, check out our newsletter.

Dolphins are really amazing, extraordinary creatures.  We’re so excited to share our experiences and adventures with these amazing creatures with you!


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