July 2013 Updates

Hi Friends!

I’m super excited to write this update about the things that Pure Fin, LLC has going on!

In about a week and a half, the Pure Fin Holistic Wellness Facilitators will be traveling to the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  They’re scheduled to leave from the states on August 6th and return on August 12th.  We imagine that the dolphins are already aware that they are coming, and are ready and waiting!

While the facilitators tDSC_0009ravel, our Founder Krystal Couture is planning on taking a lot of pictures, and putting many on our soon to be created Instagram feed, as well as Twitter at @PureFin and on our Facebook page (just look up Pure Fin).  We’ll also work to update you with what’s happening here on the blog!  We’re hoping to send as much dolphin energy out to our readers and followers as we can while our facilitators are overseas!

We’re also working to have our Holistic Wellness Facilitators write a few blog posts, so that they can share their perspectives and experiences with you our readers.  Each individual facilitator is unique, and offers a unique and important way of viewing the dolphins and this work, and we are excited for our followers to get to know them!  Our first facilitator update should be ready soon!

We’re really looking forward to updating our followers on our adventures!  Make sure you stay tuned for the story!


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