It Begins! Follow the August 2013 Trip

Hi Friends!

I dropped the Pure Fin Facilitators off at the airport last night around 8 pm, and they flew out around midnight.  Some were hoping to sleep on the plane, and during the lay over in St. Thomas, but I’m sure they’re rejuvenated now by the sun and sand and ocean in the British Virgin Islands!

I’m back home this trip managing the social media aspect of it all.  We’re excited to have our twitter feed – @PureFIn – connected as well as Facebook – @PureFIn – ready to go!  I’ll be posting pictures and updates as soon as they come in!  If we’re lucky, we may even get a blog post or two straight from our Founder, Krystal, direct from the BVI.

Until then, I’ve got the first pic for you all!

Pure Fin Facilitators

Pure Fin Facilitators Nathan, Krystal, Stacey, and Julie!

Beautiful, right?  They look so happy, and are ready to facilitate holistic wellness experiences in the BVI.  You can read more about each facilitator on the “Our Pod” page on our website. Check it out, friends!

Stay tuned for more updates, hopefully soon.  So exciting!!!



One thought on “It Begins! Follow the August 2013 Trip

  1. The beginning of my first but hopefully not last PureFin venture ! I took the picture soon after meeting this incredible crew!

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