Field Report: Love

Field Report 08/09/13: by Founding Facilitator Krystal

Today we are fortunate to facilitate two more sessions with the dolphins. And all of the facilitators were able to trade sessions in the water as well. Our client reported that today her sessions felt cumulative and provided deeper meaning to yesterday’s sessions.

I would like to share my experience facilitating and receiving the session today. As a facilitator I was working with Nancy and Jaiyi. Nate was the second facilitator. During much of the session, as Nancy’s body unwound and her connection to the sea, the dolphin, herself and the universe deepened, her body became more and more relaxed and calm. She said she felt as if her feet were walking on rubber mats when she exited the pool onto the wooden platform. When one facilitates sessions like this for clients, it becomes apparent that there are physical changes in clients. Nancy’s face became brighter, her gait lighter and her body free.

As a recipient of a session today, in the water with Hippo, I set my intention to become one with the water, Hippo, Vance (the trainer) and Julie the facilitator, and to project this toward the universe. My session was very still, I felt that my tuning into the movement of the water, I was able to meld this with the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding my brain and they moved as one. As I was lying there in subconscious bliss, Hippo’s fluke (tail fin), rest on my hand and arm. We lied there on our backs together as one with the universe. This went on for about 15 minutes, with breathing breaks. I began hear a beating heart, and then wondered if I felt my own heart beat or Hippo’s. Understanding my own anatomy, I knew this was Hippo’s heart beat. I popped my head out of the water, and saw Vance cradling this 600 pound dolphin in his arms with his hands around his hearts. He invited Julie and I to join in Hippo’s healing session. We all had our hands on Hippo and his body began to unwind. This was a feeling of love that was so deep, so intent, and so profound, that it radiated through our entire beings and will be an experience that I will hold in my heart for my entire life.

Dolphin Love,


Love to you, too, Hippo!


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