Field Report: Sail

Field Report 8-10-13 by: Founding Facilitator Krystal Couture


Today we had the pleasure of sailing aboard the White Squall 2. An 80′ schooner from the 1930’s. She was a truly amazing vessel! The original diesel engine was exposed and many of the original features were identifiable!! What an honor!!


Our trips usually include at least one day of experiencing the caribbean beauty, integrating our experiences with the dolphins and having some fun! We were thrilled with the opportunity to sail out of Norman Island, the real Treasure Island, and snorkel along the caves where treasure was once lost and perhaps, some, found.


We found treasure of our own under the seas with beautiful fish and coral surrounding us. The water was nourishing and snorkeling with the amazing sea creatures was energizing.









We took time for lunch at Willy T’s the famous Floating Barge off the coast of Norman Island. The mahi was spectacular! Myself, Stacey and Julie took a facilitator leap of faith off the back of the two story barge into the clear, deep ocean. What an exhilarating and renewing experience!

08-DSC_0326-001 09-DSC_0362-001 10-DSC_0365-001 11-DSC_0370-001


We also saw some turtles from afar swimming around the coastline, as it is turtle mating season! We sailed to the Ocean Bay aka Kelley Bay and did a bit more snorkeling before sailing back to Tortola!



The crew on the boat was absolutely fantastic! Captain Chris was an expert in sailing and our group felt safe under his competent hands. Michelle, the first mate, made sure that all of our needs were met! We all felt so fortunate to sail with this knowledgable, fun loving, and personable pair!!

On the way home, Captain Chris instructed each of us at the helm, which was a truly excellent experience!!




Today, I leave you with this quote from Van Morrison:

Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic



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