Field Report: Boundless

Field Report 11th August 2013 by: Founding Facilitator Krystal Couture

Today we had our final session with the dolphins. Jamal led this last session with Hippo. As we entered the water, we felt Hippo’s presence immediately. We all rubbed his back and his belly and then began the sessions.
Hippo was full of energy this morning and at the beginning of the session, provided little jolts to the feet of those floating in the water, turning them around in a circular motion. Hippo intuitively nudged, touched and rested against different parts of the clients’ bodies, including their hands, heads, shoulders, hips, feet and bellies. As everyone settled in, Hippo also became more relaxed, lying on his back or belly in the water, gently held by Jamal with his body touching the clients. Toward the end of the session, two facilitators held two clients, Next to Jamal and myself. There were several moments where Hippo was contacting all of us at the same time while he lay with the clients.
01-DSC_8680 02-DSC_8692  04-DSC_8699 05-DSC_8703 06-DSC_8714 07-DSC_8722 08-DSC_8734 09-DSC_8740
At the very end of the session, clients and facilitators alike were filled with so much joy and love, that tears began to stream down our faces. The complete process of this experience, allows the body, mind, and soul to unwinding release so deeply. The joy, gratitude and love surrounding the experience are easily palpable.
We said goodbye to Tortola later that day and went to St. John for a facilitator holiday. As soon as the ferry arrived in St. John we saw a group of 5 wild dolphins next to a fishing boat.
The trip was extremely successful and the sentiment of this dolphin love is so deeply imprinted to my core. I am grateful to share these experiences with our clients and our readers!
Let Dolphin Love Flood Your Heart,

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