Field Report: Relaxation

Field Report 12th August 2013 by: Founding Facilitator Krystal Couture

Today our facilitators are in Cruz Bay, St. John for holiday. We met a fantastic cab drive off the ferry and he took us to a ace called Waterlemon Bay, who was recommended to us by a local last night.
There is a beautiful hike out the the Bay that takes about 25-30 minutes. In the center of the bay, there is a small island. We snorkeled out around the shore of the bay and then out to the island and around the island. We saw many amazing fish and corals. As we turned the bend of the island we saw two purple and yellow squid. As we continued on, we saw a sea turtle gently moving through the water. He swam right up to us and under us. We Sara little reef shark. We saw some beautiful rays and spotted rays. We saw a huge fish, about the size of a trash can cover. We saw plenty of urchins and more beautifully colored fish.
02-DSC_0401-002 03-DSC_0429-002 04-DSC_0439-002 05-DSC_0454-002 06-DSC_0459-002 07-DSC_0462-002 08-DSC_0468-002 
The island of St. John is predominantly a national forest. It’s forests, beaches and oceans are amazing and unspoiled. We saw deer, endless birds and lizards roaming the forests.
We went back to  Cruz Bay to the famous Tap Room to try some local beer and root beer and then walked out on another hike to Solomon Bay, which was truly beautiful, serene and peaceful. It was well worth the hike.
12-DSC_0525-002 13-DSC_0529-002 14-DSC_0543-002 15-DSC_0557-002
We enjoyed a rainbow on Cruz Bay before our last island dinner.
On holiday and loving every moment,

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