Atlantic White Sided Dolphins





I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with all of our readers! These were taken last Sunday off the coast of Hampton NH!! We saw a superpod of about 100 dolphins! These atlantic white sided beauties were so playful! Being in their presence and feeling their energy was purely divine!
Dolphin Love and Excitement,


01-DSC_0667 02-DSC_0672 03-DSC_0681   06-DSC_0727 07-DSC_0729 08-DSC_0738 09-DSC_0747 10-DSC_0773 11-DSC_0780 12-DSC_0788 13-DSC_0798 14-DSC_0799 15-DSC_0821 16-DSC_0824 17-DSC_0830 18-DSC_0838 19-DSC_0859 20-DSC_0876 21-DSC_0880 22-DSC_0882 23-DSC_0888 24-DSC_0933


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