Why Tortola?

I want our clients, readers, industry, and activists to know why we utilize Dolphin Discovery Tortola for our holistic wellness sessions.

First off, intuition was an important part in making the decision to begin a program that provides holistic wellness sessions in the water with dolphins! The universe began by providing me with an opportunity to work with two wonderful bodyworkers Nora and Debbie. Debbie owns a holistic center in Puerto Rico. We spent a fantastic week working together with craniosacral as our primary modality. We were able to support each other’s emotional, physical and spiritual processes. We immediately became friends. While we were working together, and I was receiving the work, Debbie and Nora kept referring to me as a dolphin! Debbie’s practice is primarily water based. She began to tell me of some of her initial research in working with dolphins combined with providing the energy work that we all use regularly. I had only to this point dreamt of such a possibility. Together, we dreamt of what could be. By the end of our week together, we had plans to work together again and had planned to go to Tortola together to be with the dolphins. Everything fell into place piece by piece. And in developing this business, everything continues to fall into place exactly as it is meant to and the steps are very clear, as I am open to the universe’ guidance.


Sweet Keplar, We love you too!

When I first went to Dolphin Discovery Tortola, I immediately fell in love with the dolphins, the trainers and the experience we created with clients. All of the fears I had harbored about working with dolphins under human care versus in the wild were no longer present.

Here are the facts: Dolphin Discovery is a company that follows the US guidelines for Marine Mammal Parks, the are part of the Alliance of Marine Mammals. The dolphins are in a lagoon with ocean waves crashing in and tides changing the water heights. The trainers attend education courses regularly. The dolphin to trainer ratio is close to one on one. The dolphins are trained / encouraged in only positive manners. The dolphins make choices to participate. There is a full time vet to assess the wellbeing of the dolphins. Their health is checked daily. They are fed based on their individual needs. The dolphins are breeding and procreating naturally. Their physical, social and emotional health is of the highest priority to the trainers.

Here’s the feeling/knowing: I felt an continuum of respect that flooded from the trainers and staff to the dolphins and back. I instantly chose to become part of that continuum in order to support the relationships at Dolphin Discovery that already existed and in order to form the deepest bonds with the dolphins, staff, our clients and my facilitators. When I have spoken to Carlos, the manager at Dolphin Discovery Tortola, he has mentioned on numerous occasions that respect is the number one pathway to being with the dolphins. This respect is part of who the trainers and staff are. This respect is not learned, it comes from the heart and soul. This respect is a foundation for the love that is so palpable among the dolphins, trainers, staff and now our facilitators and clients.

I began working in Tortola in 2010 with Dolphin Discovery. Most of the trainers I first met are still trainers at Dolphin Discovery Tortola. The dolphins that I first met are thriving. Hippo, the alpha male; Keplar, adult male; Venus, Maggie, Ayla, adult females are the eldest dolphins. Since 2010, Hippo has fathered 2 sets of babies for each Venus, Maggie, and Ayla. Their babies Desiree, Jaiyi, Coco, Penelope, Hector, and Paris, we’ve watched grow. We’ve swam with them- all of them, felt their heart beats, played, facilitated/participated in sessions and loved. These dolphins adults, adolescents, and babies can feel our love and share a profound love with us. It is truly amazing.

Developing these relationships, bonds, and interspecies communication between humans and dolphins is profound. I notice that the trainers at Dolphin Discovery Tortola really have this deep connection. I myself feel the growing connection stronger and stronger on each encounter. I see my clients dive deeper and deeper into themselves and their connections with each session.

I encourage you to watch this video on Dolphin Discovery Tortola for a window into this amazing place.

I know in my heart that these dolphins live a beautiful life and deeply impact the lives of humans each day. I know that these dolphins needs, desires and wants are met. I know that these dolphins feel purpose. I know that they feel the love we offer and share this love intently.


Holding a dolphin in your arms, love like no other!

Love,  Krystal


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