Dolphin Energy

Today I came across an article by Dr. John Upledger. Dr. Upledger founded the Upledger Institute, and in many ways pioneered partnering with dolphins in therapy work. This article, titled “My Dolphin Mentor” ( “CranioSacrally Speaking,” November 2002) relates the story of Dr. Upledger’s connection with dolphins, specifically a dolphin named AJ, and the gift of Dolphin Energy which AJ activated in him.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog post, Dr. Upledger was a member of the Coast Guard and as such went on many swims where he found that dolphins in the area were near-by, looking after him and the other sailors he worked with. From this beginning, he cultivated a relationship with dolphins for almost 30 years until he piloted a Dolphin Therapy Program at the Upledger Institute.

During this program, he met a Dolphin named AJ. Upledger and AJ would often partner together, working on clients who came to them. In the water. AJ would contribute to each session, often stationing himself near Upledger.

On one occasion, the trainer supervising AJ suggested that Upledger hold out his hand and to AJ. AJ the began to swim under Upledger, back and forth, and the stationed himself with his blow hole under Upledger’s hand. This is a practice that Upledger noted was taboo in dolphin-human interaction, as it can cause the dolphin to become quite excited. But as AJ had initiated the contact, Upledger continued to hold his hand there. Upledger stated “it felt like his energy went through me,” and from that time, Upledger knew he could tap into that Dolphin Energy in his healing work.

Upledger continued his work in Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and the effects of Dolphin Energy soon became apparent. At a conference where he was working on a young man with cerebral-palsy. During his session, Upledger spoke aloud his intention to use Dolphin Energy. Upledger noted that the therapeutic energy increased significantly at that time.

The most interesting evidence of Dolphin Energy came later, though, when an audio technician came up to him after the conference and shared that, at the moment Upledger spoke his intention to utilize Dolphin Energy, his audio equipment cut to static. Later, a woman who was attending the conference who was a Doctor of Physical Therapy approached Upledger. Indicating that she typically did not believe in anything that could not be empirically proved, she informed Upledger that, when he had utilized the Dolphin Energy, her hearing aid that she had worn for almost 20 years received static. This would continue to happen for all three days of e conference. Later, that doctor would contact Upledger to tell him that she no longer needed other hearing aid as she could now hear a watch ticking with her once deaf ear!

It is incredible to think of the amazing impact of Dolphin Energy!


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