Dolphin Anatomy

I really wanted to post about dolphin anatomy, especially after talking about the similarity and dolphin and human brains in my last post. You will see in the two images below that the organ system, spine, and muscle system is very similar to that of humans. With all of these similarities, it makes me think more and more about how we and these creatures are so much alike and how we have a connection that is deeply rooted.





It is amazing to me that the correlation of muscles is as strong as it is between dolphins and humans, while we don’t have a tail or blow hole, the other muscles of a dolphin body move their body the way those same muscles move our body. This would imply that we can have the same ease, freedom and fluidity of movement that dolphins do. How much of our own pain and restriction are caused by the stress we put on our own bodies? If we were consciously aware at all times, like dolphins, could we too move with such grace?

Pure Fin Pod Challenge: Find the space in which you are most present with yourself, meditate on that space and bring that consciousness into each moment of your life!


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