Dolphin Intelligence Day 3

Yesterday, the video we posted demonstrated the ability for dolphins to problem solve, understand sign vocabulary, complete multiple step instructions with note to order, communicate problem solving to each other, acknowledge other dolphins by name, answer concrete yes and no questions.

This video demonstrates a dolphin successfully carrying out multiple step instructions via a 2 dimensional video. This is shown to demonstrate a dolphins’ versatility of behavior in the wild. Their feeding in the wild is a perfect example of this.

As humans, we are just starting to understand dolphins. This speaks to the magnitude and trust among humans working with dolphins and those dolphins. While we are exploring dolphin intelligence, the dolphins are teaching us so much and it seems that the dolphins are enjoying learning, teaching and communicating with humans. This connection is extremely evident in the connection between dolphins and fisherman working together as depicted at the end of the video.

Dolphins live up to the claims that they are extremely intelligent given the information that we know thus far. This is powerful. It is my own belief that there is even more for us to learn about dolphin intelligence.


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