Conscious Connection

While I was in Santa Barbara this past week. I had the brief opportunity to connect with a wonderful man named Aziz. He was the night manager at the hotel I stayed at. He was a man that obviously worked hard, as he arrived before I fell asleep and was still working long into the […]

Dolphin Intelligence Day 7

At this point, you, our readers have been immersed in reading about dolphin intelligence. While, there was a lot of content in this week’s blog series, it is with curiosity, excitement and wonder that I say there is so much more for us to learn about these magnificent creatures we call dolphins. I believe that […]

Dolphin Intelligence Day 6

Today, for all of you science geeks, research lovers, dolphin obsessors and those who’ve stumbled upon this page and have extra time on your hands, I have decided to post a research article that details the neuroanatomy of dolphins and touches on why they are such conscious beings. Dolphin Consciousness: Everything you wanted to know […]