Dolphin Intelligence Day 7

At this point, you, our readers have been immersed in reading about dolphin intelligence. While, there was a lot of content in this week’s blog series, it is with curiosity, excitement and wonder that I say there is so much more for us to learn about these magnificent creatures we call dolphins.

I believe that there is a connection between a dolphin’s intelligence and our own human intelligence and not only are we independently intelligent beings but we can communicate, form relationships and learn from one another.

I feel honored to be able to bring my skills into their environment and work with them to provide holistic energy works sessions for humans. The feeling of seeing the dolphins from land, making eye contact, moving into the water, touching each other, bringing in another human, watching them touch a dolphin for the first time, letting their body unwind and shift in my hands, while the dolphin chirps, clicks, uses sonar, swims under them, connects with them physically, energetically, and spiritually, and their renewed self after a session is profound.


Intelligence. Presence. Intuition. Consciousness.


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