Conscious Connection

While I was in Santa Barbara this past week. I had the brief opportunity to connect with a wonderful man named Aziz. He was the night manager at the hotel I stayed at. He was a man that obviously worked hard, as he arrived before I fell asleep and was still working long into the morning. In my conversations with him, I could see that he was caring for others, always wanting to meet their needs, not because it was his job but because he genuinely cared. In one of our conversations, he told me he worked so hard to pay for his children in college. I could see how proud he was.

I took the opportunity to bond with Aziz, in very brief moments, but I know that because I was conscious and present with him, the connection was real. I felt a soul connection via eye contact and energy field merging.

Aziz died on the last day I was in Santa Barbara. I felt sadness, but I also felt grateful that I was able to connect to him and share in the light of the universe with him. I also learned that profound connections can occur at any time, if we are open. In just moments, we can touch lives and be touched by the lives of others, we must embrace this opportunity by being present.


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