Dolphin Immersion December 2013 Day2

It was amazing to return to Dolphin Discovery and to see our dolphin friends and our human friends. It is the beginning of mating season, so the adult females, Maggie, Ayla, and Venus were socializing with Hippo. They were all immediately connected to us and on several occassions, the females each kept their eyes out of the water, holding a space to connect with us. It was really special to see their intent so clearly. These adults are so in touch with humans and seek to connect deeply with them. To be a part of that was a wonderful experience.

Keplar was in another area and he was also very interested and connected to us. As soon as we walked over to the platform, he came to the surface of the water, lingered, dove down and then returned, over and over again. The three young dolphins, Hector, Paris, and Penelope were socializing together. As our dear friend and trainer Stephanie says, “they are the troublemakers!” These little toddlers are a joy to watch and spend time with. Then there’s sweet jumping, twisting, toy loving Jayi. When you enter close to Jayi, she pops her head up and dives above the surface to get your attention.

Today, we began our holistic wellness sessions. We started the morning off our first session with Jayi. We all had an opportunity to touch Jayi’s back and belly for the first time. We saw her jump and twisting jump, her specialty, and then we began. Jayi spent a lot of time connecting with our clients, especially Shari in this first session. Jayi connected to her left foot primarily and then her right foot during this session. She made lots of chirps and clicks and got to know our clients and reconnect with the trainers. As we left the water, Jayi followed us down the platform and continued to hold our connection.

We later began our second session after getting to watch some customers do dolphin swims. During the second session, Jayi connected deeper into the body, mind, and spirit of our clients and touched them more frequently and she touched their feet, hands, and even their heads several times. The bond became stronger, the work deeper and cumulative. At the end of the session, we were able to feel Jayi’s heart beat. With my hands on her heart, I could feel love. Vance was the trainer during these sessions and helped facilitate these experiences.

After another break, we had the opportunity to spend some time with Jayi doing different activities. We touched Jayi’s belly and back as she swam by. We danced with Jayi. We had a water fight with sweet Jayi! Then we kissed Jayi, hugged Jayi, held Jayi. We played pass with Jayi. She is able to throw the ball right back at her target and sometimes she catches it in her mouth! She loves rings. Today we saw her collect rings and toss them. It was really cool to see Jayi use her pectoral fin to assist her in collecting the rings. We got to sing with Jayi and then we waved goodbye, after sending her for a jump! We went on to experience a foot push and dorsal pull with Ayla and Hippo. These beautiful creatures were in tune with each other and with us. Elwin and Stephanie provided an anatomy lesson for us with Hippo and Venus.

This day was full of wonderful new experiences and love for these amazing new friends!

I end tonight feeling such gratitude working with an amazing group of clients, facilitators, trainers and dolphins.

Enveloped in Love,


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