Dolphin Immersion December 2013 Day 3

We had the amazing opportunity to sail today on the beautiful White Squall. Fortunately, when we awoke, the sun was shining and the seas and winds were better than they had been previously. It was wonderful to see Captain Chris and introduce him to our group. His personality and knowledge really allow people to feel safe and comfortable when sailing.
Since the seas were still a little bit rough, we could not go out to Cooper Island and the baths at Virgin gorda, instead we sailed out to the caves and to pirate bay over at Norman. The snorkeling at and in the caves is really amazing. We saw lots of parrot fish, tang fish, and loads of others! We had a great lunch at the Willy T, though on this trip no one jumped off the barge! Chris did let Stephen steer the boat for a while!
At Pirate Bay, the plant life and coral was very lush. There were needle fish and schools of translucent white fish to swim with. Some of our guests even saw a good sized ray.
All in all getting out on this schooner and enjoying the sun, sea, creatures and each other was a wonderful way to spend the day!


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