living the dream

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to reconnect with someone I shared a special connection with. Our brief conversation via Facebook messenger (I’m embarrassed to admit) was deeply profound! Our conversation quickly went from light and airy and fun to contemplating what life means and what “living the dream” is really all about. While our paths in life are different, he an artist and myself a bodyworker, we shared interesting conclusions.

Our conversation went like this:

Back and forth babbling about the day!

B: “living the dream!!”

K: “indeed! why not?!”

B: “some of us just can. some of us cannot”

K: “perhaps we all have the capability, some access it, some do not. aren’t you living the dream?”

B: “I am indeed!”

K: “Spread the vibe, share the love, one day the universe will shift”

B: “I think the universe may be doing just fine. It’s these human beings I’m worried about!”

K: “Truth.”

In this brief, quick, online interaction, something amazing happened. We connected to each other, life, universe, and oneness.

There are a few important notes I want to share with each of you:

Access your dreams, live the life you desire! This is possible for humans to do and when we let go of ego and our own self conflicts, we can access our dreams, we have the capability to live the life we choose and desire to live! Creation of your own self and your own life is a power that we hold. Living in the present allows us to have clear access to this power.

Trust in the universe! Have faith! The medium of faith is relevant and important to your own path. Humans all have their own ideas of faith and that’s okay, differences allow us to create a beautiful world together. Be aware of our impact on the universe – the earth, land, waterways, oceans, air, plants, creatures, other humans. When we allow ourselves to always to our best and set our intentions for greater good and our own soul purpose we positively impact all that is around us.

Connect deeply, truly with others – humans and creatures! Allow yourself to connect heart to heart, soul to soul, being to being with others. These connections with formed in complete openness and truth are really amazing. Be it a human, a dolphin, a cat, a dog, a child. This is a place from which we can learn more about ourselves, we can grow and we can learn more about our purpose. This type of connection allows us to experience a melding of energies and a sense of universal oneness.

To the conclusion of 2o13, my dear friends!

With love, honor and gratitude,



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