I want to fly

Today I had the opportunity to be in the presence of some wonderful children today! Fortunately I get this opportunity fairly often, but today, something profound happened. As we began our day of fulfilled games and socialization, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share something. This one boy, Patrick, who I’d guess was […]


2014 has sparked a great shift in my own energy and my own being. I want to share that with all of you. My personal journey is beautiful and I am embracing it fully. The work I have done up to the year 2013 has been so amazing, I truly love the life I lead. […]


Today I started to think about synchronicity. I have observed and read lots about the synchronicity of dolphin movements. Dolphins are seen jumping in pairs or groups in the wild or under human care, they also swim and mimic each other’s movements. When dolphins jump together, one dolphin takes the lead and the others follow. […]

The Eyes I See Through

I have had the workings of this post on my mind for some time. We are all beautiful and different human beings and we all see and perceive differently. We all have different truths. This is what makes the potential for our human race to be so truly amazing. We do have some progress yet […]

Rainbows… there when you need them…

Today, I became inspired by the lyrics of this Yes I Will by Michael Franti & Spearhead. I am someone who is fascinated by rainbows, the science of a rainbow is as beautiful to me as the image. I have to stop and gaze at a rainbow from my first sight of it until it […]

Communication and Connection

Whether you call it hunkered down, nestled in or home bound, I’m it right now. The frigid temperatures coupled with SNOW, have made venturing out into the wilderness or even the yard for very long, uncomfortable. While this drives me a little stir crazy, I have had the opportunity to enjoy a film called Angels […]

The first time I saw a dolphin…

When I was 5, my parents took me to Seaworld, which undoubtedly was the best part of our Florida vacation. I remember dolphins, rain, breakfasts with Disney characters, but the most important part was spotting dolphins for the first time ever! I remember touching the dolphins smooth, soft skin and I remember being able to […]