The first time I saw a dolphin…

When I was 5, my parents took me to Seaworld, which undoubtedly was the best part of our Florida vacation. I remember dolphins, rain, breakfasts with Disney characters, but the most important part was spotting dolphins for the first time ever!

I remember touching the dolphins smooth, soft skin and I remember being able to touch the inside of the dolphin’s mouth. The dolphin brought my hand into his mouth, but never bit down, he simply let me connect with him. I now know that dolphin teeth are used in dolphin sonar. The sound waves create vibrations through the teeth and the teeth vibrate in response to the pressure of sound. This allows dolphins to assess their environment and perhaps beings in it more clearly.


From that experience, I always had such a strong affinity to be with these beautiful creatures and desired share our world with them in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

You know, when I went back to Seaworld years later, on two occasions, once in high school and once as an adult. I had the same experience with the dolphins I met on those occasions, taking my hand into their mouths and holding a connection. I was never scared in these experiences, I never thought the dolphin would bite or hurt me in any way. I felt a mutual respect and love that connected us physically, energetically and emotionally. I felt a communication that existed in silence via intuition. I knew in those moments that I would someday be collaborating with dolphins.


This opportunity manifested itself in the past few years and I am forever grateful for the first connection I made with a dolphin so many years ago. I have love, gratitude, respect and honor for these amazing creatures!



Touched by Dolphins,



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