Rainbows… there when you need them…

Today, I became inspired by the lyrics of this Yes I Will by Michael Franti & Spearhead. I am someone who is fascinated by rainbows, the science of a rainbow is as beautiful to me as the image. I have to stop and gaze at a rainbow from my first sight of it until it fades away entirely. It seems to be that I always see rainbows and other eccentric less common natural phenomenons just when I need them most in my life. This particular shot of a rainbow below is from the beautiful island of Tortola where we work with dolphins back in June of 2o11. This trip was a pivotal point for Pure Fin and signified our path. The rainbow appeared as I was reflecting on our beautiful journey ahead.

I hope you enjoy these lyrics and this photo! The universe will provide just what you need, you just have to be open to seeing it, whatever it is!

Rainbow Dreams,

“Yes I Will”

Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hoo

Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hooI received a letter, that you wrote me,
On a dark, cold and cloudy day.
Reminded me on the side of the road,
You’ll find a light you’ll find a friend you’ll find a way.
Well today I’m feelin’ all broke down,
I ain’t got the faintest clue ’bout what to do,
Can’t comprehend the situation at hand,
So I’ll try my best just to get back home to you.

Keep on walkin’ now, (yes I will,)
Keep on takin’ bout it (yes I will.)
Keep on singin’ bout it (yes I will,)
Keep on rainin’ down (yes I will.)

Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hoo
Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hoo

I believe that what you sing to the clouds,
Will rain apon you when your sun has gone away,
And I believe that what you dream to the moon,
Will manifest before you rest another day.
So stay strong, and sleep long, and when you need to
Let the morning take you out on to today, hey hey,
And when you find you’re at the end of the road,
Just lift your head up, spread your wings and fly away, come on yall!


Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hoo
Yoo hoo hoo hoo, yoo hoo hoo

When you lost and alone, that’s when a rainbow comes.
When you’re lost and alone that’s when a rainbow comes for you.



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