The Eyes I See Through

I have had the workings of this post on my mind for some time. We are all beautiful and different human beings and we all see and perceive differently. We all have different truths. This is what makes the potential for our human race to be so truly amazing. We do have some progress yet to make as humans.

If we are true to who we are to our own core, we can see the others and their own truth, their own core.

We must be open to do this and we must know who we are, who we really are. I have the beauty in a career that allows me to really explore these depths each day. I will share my truth. I am a healer, a leader and a lover. (I use the term healer for the purposes of simplicity, but in truth, I facilitate the healing process that people hold within themselves, we are each our own best healer.) I own these parts of who I am completely, at this point in my life and I know that these traits are me, really me.

But it wasn’t always that way. Being a healer, leader and lover, I have felt the need to defend myself, always be right, and prevent people from really seeing me. Why? Fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of what I don’t know, and fear of heartache. In that place, when I saw others, I had judgement, I felt jealousy, I felt anxiety, and I felt anger.

In my own healing process, I have embraced who I am, because the traits of who I am to my core are pretty awesome. I allow myself to shine through. I made decisions to no longer be a person that I am not and to let go of these emotions that didn’t serve me. It is my life work to be the leader, healer and lover and to connect with others.

When I meet people, people I am introduced to, people I am intrigued by on the street or beach, people who come into my wellness studio, people who are in my life already and part of my own heart, and even people who are completely unaware of me, I make eye contact, I speak, but mostly I feel.

By allowing others to see my truth, they open up and allow me to see theirs. The open exchange of feeling and emotion is refreshing and real. I now see creativity, love, determination, inspiration, passion, dreams, and so on.

I hope for each of you to be your own true selves, whomever that might be in the deepest fibers of your beings and to allow others to see YOU and you to see them.

From my Eyes to Yours,



3 thoughts on “The Eyes I See Through

  1. This is a very beautiful and honest post Krystal. I don’t think a Lightworker today who doesn’t understand where you are coming from. There are times when it can be very difficult to show the world who we really are, because we know that leaves us open to ridicule and more.

    But as you said, when we can truly accept who we are, than the lesser opinions of those who don’t understand who we are or what we do doesn’t matter. After all, part of our reason for being here is to send light & energy to them too….so that is what we will do.

    I’m glad that you have chosen to show the world who you are. You are a beautiful being through & through and I am happy that I came across your post. Love & Light!

    • Dear Nicole, Thank you kindly for your comments and for reading a little bit of our blog!
      You are completely right, in my opinion, we are here to share love, energy and light with all. This is how we create a pivotal shift in humanism. That shift is in its beginning phases and more and more people are becoming in touch with themselves and their feelings, hence their awareness of others and their own consciousness is growing with great magnitude. It is a beautiful process to see evolve and I am grateful to be a part of it!
      Continue to share your beautiful energy and connectivity! I am honored to be part of it.
      Love and Light to you,

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