Today I started to think about synchronicity. I have observed and read lots about the synchronicity of dolphin movements. Dolphins are seen jumping in pairs or groups in the wild or under human care, they also swim and mimic each other’s movements. When dolphins jump together, one dolphin takes the lead and the others follow. When given a command to jump, the same happens. In much of the literature that I have read, when a dolphin is given a new command or perhaps given a command that allows them choice in their jump, one takes the lead and the other or others follow. They communicate to each other the movements that they will be making. While one leads, the lead time is so minimal that the movement will still appear synchronized.

When I spoke with the trainers that we work with, they were able to show us these activities and they said that the dolphins can be far more creative than the humans and will create new activities and then perform them and teach them to other dolphins.

When I see trainers working with dolphins on novel activities, I see this connection, I see this mimic of movement and this innate attention between the dolphin and the trainer and the synchronicity that occurs between each human and each dolphin is specific to the relationship between the two.

Humans are different in different scenarios, but I think there is something for us to learn from the dolphins and their synchronicity. They are all individual mammals with individual personalities, preferences and characteristics, just like us. The part that appears so important and impacting is this deep connection with each interaction, human or dolphin. They match the body language, body movement, and emotion in order to connect, communicate and create. They are consciously aware that they are doing this and it is an amazing sight to see.

We have the ability to form these conscious connections, conscious synchronicity and conscious awareness of our own interactions with humans and even with animals. We can be exactly who we are to our core and still really resonate and open ourselves to the deeper connections that are possible. When we synchronize with another, we give up nothing of ourselves, we simply sink further into vulnerability which is the place we can grow most from.

When we can connect in the deepest, most devoted manner, we grow as individuals, we learn more about ourselves, we learn more about others and we can immerse ourselves in oneness.

Conscious oneness will provide us with boundless opportunities and the most profound connections to ourselves, humans, creatures, our earth and our universe.



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