2014 has sparked a great shift in my own energy and my own being. I want to share that with all of you. My personal journey is beautiful and I am embracing it fully.

The work I have done up to the year 2013 has been so amazing, I truly love the life I lead. I am so grateful to share with clients and assist them in their healing journeys everyday. Watching their processes unfold, their dreams come true, their comfort in their own skin develop, their love for themselves permeate, their world shift complete, has been a great honor. This doesn’t mean that each and every moment is exactly what we’d expect or that we don’t ever have feelings of doubt, guilt, or pain, but the way that we process these feelings from a completely open and honest place allows us to appreciate things that we may have been negative about in the past.

2013 ended for me with a beautiful dolphin immersion trip. Each experience allows me to see myself more clearly. I saw love, passion, creation, leadership, honor, guidance, desire, and inspiration in myself, my dear facilitators, my clients, my friends, strangers. Since returning this energy has catapulted into an energetic transition.

Each day, I am stripping off the layers that may provide any block
I am pushing myself to new bounds of vulnerability
I am clear in my desires and in my life work
I am raw

From this place, I am seeing such beauty in myself and in others, but its much deeper than ever before, I see the beauty in their souls, in their faults, in their mistakes, in their pain. I see people becoming more conscious of their own growth. I feel more honesty surrounding me. I feel intense rawness that allows me to connect like never before.

I simply can’t get enough of this life!

There’s no secret, anyone can embrace their life and life the beautiful life they desire. There are many different types of support out there to help you with your own individual needs. Find what works, go with it and dive fully into yourself.

Get out there, strip yourself of all that doesn’t serve you, BE RAW.


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