I want to fly

Today I had the opportunity to be in the presence of some wonderful children today! Fortunately I get this opportunity fairly often, but today, something profound happened. As we began our day of fulfilled games and socialization, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and share something. This one boy, Patrick, who I’d guess was about 7 years old suggested that we share our New Year’s Resolutions. He was eager to present first. He said, “This year, I am going to fly!” He literally wants to fly! Although, he seemed very cognizant that a human flying was going to be quite a feat. His smile shined from ear to ear as he talked about accomplishing this goal!

I couldn’t help but smile as soon as I heard his words. I realized that I, too, want to FLY! And while the literal interpretation would be quite a high for my thrill seeking neurons, figuratively, the sensation of flying is truly appealing. In this manner, we define flying as “with complete or outstanding success”. To me the interpretation of success is up to each individual to decide for themselves. Given that, we all have the ability and potential to fly!



2 thoughts on “I want to fly

  1. What a cool kid! And what an amazing goal! I believe we’ve all got wings somewhere, as part of our bodies and/or deep in our soul; how amazing and wonderful to actually spread them and use them!

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