Honoring Masaru Emoto

Today, the 11th day of the 11th month, in addition to honoring our veterans in the USA, we are honoring Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto is a pioneer in the research of water and has shared with the world Messages in Water.

Dr. Emoto had a vision, for Peace on Earth. Given the power of water and its ability to imprint messages, he created the Day of Prayer for Peace on Earth, the 11th of each month at noon, whatever time zone you might me in. This will create waves of peace flowing through the water and essentially through us all. The prayer:

Uchu no Mugen no chikara ga kori kotte, makoto no daiwa no miyo ga, nari natta. The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create the world with true and grand harmony.

Grand Invocation Song:

Here is the link to Dr. Emoto’s Obituary

Emoto’s influence and work has changed my life and has brought to my consciousness the importance of water, not only in what I do as a bodyworker, but life as a whole. Knowing the principles of water and research of Dr. Emoto, has taught me to live authentically from a place of love and to share gratitude abundantly.

My Water Ceremony Space:

Today, as I often do, I performed my water ceremony at the river behind my studio. Dr. Emoto, I love you, I am grateful for you. Water, I love you I am grateful for you.


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