Touched – one

I recently found the book, “Touch the Ocean : The Power of Our Collective Emotions” by James Nemec, LMT, CST-D. I first heard of James through, Pure Fin Facilitator Julie. She had the opportunity to know James via their work together with Craniosacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute. She spoke highly of this intuitive, deep thinker. I was instantly drawn to the name he used to describe his work “Craneocean”. I read his book, Touch the Ocean right before he passed away of a massive heart attack in 2011. I hadn’t been able to bring myself to pick up the book since. After losing my best friend and former husband, Pure Fin Facilitator, Nathan, the book fell into my lap, literally, as I was packing for a trip to California. I knew this was the book, I’d be reading on my long trek cross country.

There are exerts from the book that I want to share and discuss in our blog, and I will present them individually, as it seems their resonance is so strong and takes a moment, a pause, in order to set in.

James talks about his time acting and that one of the lessons he learned from the stage was to “be still”. He goes on to say:

… a massage therapist going through the same strokes or moves with each new person, day after day. What can keep the repetition from being mechanical, flat, or dead? The answer is to be found in the feeling of oceanic presence, of open and unconditioned space, space without boundaries that can arise for all of us from simply being still. When contact is first made with this feeling of presence at the beginning of any action, then there is communion and response. When I can learn to sit in the moment before performing any action, there emerges a resonance of presence within and around all that is to following. The moment before sets the tone.

This quote can be applied to any profession or any event in our lives. How often are we running out the door, with bags of stuff, coffee in our hands and our minds going in a million directions as we get into the car to get to whatever destination by a certain time? I know I have had moments where I am certainly guilty of being caught up in a list of things that just need to get done and I lose the presence of the moment. When I am working with clients, I realize that setting my intention before their sessions impacts my ability to be there for them unconditionally and for the sessions to provide them exactly what they need at that exact moment. It also often brings the client to a place where they can be open to receiving all that their body, mind, heart and spirit need.

The moment before sets the tone… might be one of the most beneficial and profound ways to work on being still and being present that I’ve ever read or spent time pondering and putting into action. While we might not be able to change the aspects of our day or what the people surrounding us are doing and how they are impacting us, we can certainly change our outlook and how we are able to process emotions and events. What if we woke up and then took time to listen to our bodies, nourishing it with whatever it might need first thing in the morning (love, food, stretching, silence) and then began our days already having exactly what we need? And then, what if throughout the day, we used that moment before to find balance in ourselves before going into a meeting, seeing a client, getting into a vehicle, eating, writing, running errands?

The world may go on with its chaos and clamor, but we may be still. I can only imagine, collectively that this stillness of one could impact, in ripple effect those around us, those around them and so on.



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