Touched – two

I am continuing to write based on James Nemec’s book, “Touch the Ocean“.

In a chapter entitled, Joy of a Snail, James writes about tuning in with a snail and doing some craniosacral work with the snail briefly. He felt an energy block release and the snail’s body respond with stretching extension. He notes:

The snail turned and stretched into another tiny yoga posture that could only be called the ‘snail,’ then, it appeared to look at me with its dark eyes. It was like its whole body smiled.

As I was reading this chapter, I thought about my own journey of offering craniosacral or other forms of energy from a place of love and healing to creatures. I’ve shared profound interactions with dolphins in this blog. I have had many interactions with mammals (horses, cats, dogs) that seemed to really be reflective of therapeutic sessions with humans and that seemed to have impact on the creatures I was working with. I hadn’t before spent much time working with species other than mammals.

Upon my arrival in Santa Barbara, staying at a familiar villa, I remembered there were 3 large koi fish in a pond and I was instantly drawn to working with them to see if they would have any response. I sat on the side of the pond and set my intention to share loving, healing energy with these koi to whatever extent they need or desire. I gently put my hand into the water just below the surface. I instantly felt a connection to the orange koi and the all white koi, even though they were not visible to me. After a few moments, the white koi came within a few inches of my hand and remained still while I worked energetically with the craniosacral system. I could actually feel the rhythm through the vibration of the water and I felt it shift into a smoother stronger rhythm as I worked with this fish. As soon as I had the feeling of the improvement in rhythm, the fish came up closer to my hand, within one inch and paused, it seemed he or she was expressing gratitude. And then the beautiful white koi swam off. I held my energy in the same way, feeling like this energy share wasn’t complete. Within just a few seconds, the orange koi appeared and approached my hand, he kept a distance of about 4-5 inches and remained there while I tuned into his craniosacral system and I began to work with this fish. His craniosacral system responded just slightly faster than that of the white fish. The striking orange fish turned his head toward me and then came up to my hand and paused, again, in a manner I could only describe as an exchange of gratitude. The orange fish swam off and met the white fish. They swam together throughout the pond. I removed my hand from the water and they came up to the surface of the water, with their mouths just above the surface, where my hand was previously. Then they were off and so was I. I was filled with a sense of complete gratitude that resided in my heart. I went to sleep that night with my hands over my heart.

The next evening, I returned back to the koi pond. The pond was quiet when I returned, but this time, the white fish and the orange fish came out of hiding from behind the rocks much sooner. They approached me together and remained still side by side, under my hand while I worked with both of them. The improvements in their rhythms had been maintained from working with them on the previous day. This session seemed to unravel much more quickly. The energy share occurred rapidly and I felt a stronger bond with these two fish. When they’d received and exchanged all that they needed to, just as the previous day, they came up to my hand, together, within a centimeter, paused, looked and then swam off.

I am certainly not an expert in fish or their anatomy or the idea of doing craniosacral therapy with them. I imagine that given the fish have a brain, spinal cord and vertebral column, that they may have cerebral spinal fluid, as humans do, but I don’t know this for sure. I know I felt a deep connection to a structure that seemed to respond as the CSF does in humans. While the science of it all certainly isn’t clear, the positive exchange of energy seemed certain on the most conscious level.

I’m curious if anyone else has had experiences like this? Feel free to share your beautiful connections with creatures in the comments.


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