Touched – three


I have been writing about moments of inspiration, contemplation and wonder from James Nemec’s book, Touch the Ocean.

James, in a brief writing, talks about teaching a client to hug a tree.

I approached the tree as if it were a craniosacral client and imparted to it very light touch. In moments, the tree seemed to wake up underneath my fingertips.

I, myself, am quite a tree hugger. In South Lake Tahoe, this past August, I had the chance spend time in nature. These massive pines (I believe the one photographed is a ponderosa) had an extraordinary energy. As soon as I saw this particular tree, I was instantly drawn to it’s massive strength and beauty. The layers of its bark fascinated me. I gently touched the tree and studied it with the tips of my fingers then my palms. It felt that there was a magnetic connection between my hands and the tree. I feel this connection when I am working with clients, as my hands connect into the deep tissues of the body. Eventually, I moved toward the tree with my body, not for a classic tree hugger pose, but because I felt that I wanted to connect my energy to the tree’s energy with every part of my physical and spiritual being. I stayed with this tree for about 30 minutes and as I walked away, I could still feel the tree’s pull. It was as if the tree enjoyed the sharing of love and energy as much as I did. After several attempts at walking away from the tree, I put my hand up and expressed complete gratitude to the tree for this moment. I had tears of such joy and gratitude and love.



Perhaps, it is moments like these that teach us, shape us and allow us to grow into our truest selves.


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