Touched – four

In James Nemec’s book, Touch the Ocean, he references Rumi.

If love did not live in matter, how could any place have a hold on anyone?

In my life, I am currently transitioning out of a home that served me well and I believe I served well. The home and the land are situated on old pastures and each morning I see a sunrise and a sunset. I’ve spent a lot of time on this land, working with it, growing flowers, herbs, and food, nurturing it, while it nurtured me. It will always be a space that is special to me. It will always be a cherished and sacred ground. I look forward to the new opportunities for myself and the gifts that this land and its humans will exchange.

As I ponder Rumi’s words, I think about places that have had a pull on me. I have spent a lot of time traveling in my life and it is easy for me to make a home, just about anywhere I travel. But, there are some places that I’ve had such an intense pull toward that it plagues me to leave as there’s just something there. Most recently, I felt that pull in Santa Barbara, California and traveling frequently to Santa Barbara has certainly contributed to my comfort and settling in there over the past year and a half. I’ve felt this sensation over the years in other coastal cities in California as well.

I think this year the most unexpected draw was to Bimini, Bahamas. This was a trip that over and over, just didn’t work out and then about 4 weeks before the trip, everything shifted and I was able to make it happen. Before I’d even left for the trip, I felt the energy of Bimini and I knew it would be a wonderful experience. Flying to the island, I felt the pull of that something once again. Leaving Bimini was one of the most challenging goodbyes. There was something about me that changed after being on Bimini for just a week.

Tortola, BVI is another one of those places to me and has been since I first traveled there in 2009 to begin work with clients and dolphins. I was so drawn to this island that I would take weekend trips from NH just to work with a couple clients. This was the first “destination” perhaps in my life that I was compelled to return to over and over again. I’m a bit of an adventurer and explorer, generally, escaping to new locations on each getaway.

Growing up, the southern coast of Maine and the New Hampshire coast have always felt like home to me. When I was younger, my dad used to get mad at me when I’d call the coast home, because we lived in the mountains and while that was a wondrous place to grow up, my parents introducing me to the coast, spending time there, always felt completely natural.

If I think about the matter in these four places and what they have in common, it’s the sea. All of these places are on the ocean. Masaru Emoto’s research is proof that water can remain imprinted with our intentions. But, what intention or space does water hold naturally? Is it just that we impart our intentions onto matter and it takes them? Another thing that each of these places has in common is that in one way or another, I’ve been with dolphins in each of these places. There’s been an energy that I’ve brought and that evolved into a power, a field of nurturing in each of these spaces, that was far greater than I ever imagined. I was able to connect to nature and to myself the most deeply. Perhaps, that’s the something that creates the effect of home that is deeply rooted.


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