Practice Kindness

Today, I was creating art on the beach, using the sun and a magnifying glass to burn into wood. Check out my friend, Brian, who does this professionally. Solar Carving I was working on a dolphin piece, sitting on the log that myself, Brian and many others have carved into. A couple was admiring the log and commenting on the work and then they said to me “we’re admiring your painting”, referring to the piece I was working on. I took a moment to explain the art form. And then I handed a magnifying glass over to Michelle and encouraged her to burn on the log. As I often do, when teaching this to others, I held my hand over hers and showed her how to achieve the focal point needed to burn the wood. Once she had the hang of it, I left her to create whatever her heart brought her to create. A few moments later, she said “look, I made a heart”.


Apparently, she has had some heart issues. She said to me that burning that heart into the wood meant so much to her. We talked about this for a short while. She expressed her gratitude again and then reunited with her family and was off. I could tell that this interaction was profound for this woman and I was truly honored to have met her and share with her creativity, connection and love. I remembered the importance of practicing kindness and how that simple sentiment can completely change your day and that of someone else’s in an instant. I immediately burned into the log…


After that moment, I continued with my art and enjoyed the sea, the breeze and every breath. The rest of the afternoon was simply magical. I saw a snowy owl a top a beach house roof. I saw the most beautiful little sundogs on either side of the sun. And decided I just had to catch a sunset at one of my favorite beaches. A fantastic sunset it was. I saw one more snowy owl as I left the beach. My afternoon ended at one of my favorite spots, reading, connecting and grabbing a bite to eat.


It’s possible my day would have been magical had I not practiced kindness or interacted with Michelle. But I am quite certain that this special moment brought me to a space of greater consciousness and awareness in which I was able to appreciate all that was around me and take in nature’s gifts.


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