Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 1

This blog series is a reflection of a Pure Fin trip to be with wild dolphins around the Bahamian Island of Bimini in late September to early October, 2014. I shared the experience with our dear facilitators, Gary, Jan and Stacey. Gary and Jan led an attunement workshop for a clients while aboard the beautiful Indigo. The experience was truly wonderful and I am not sure I can completely convey the fulfillment and beauty of the trip in words, but I will certainly try my best.

When I finally left for this trip, it seemed to be a trip that I’d been planning for years, with Geoffrey, the captain of the Indigo. And in fact, I didn’t even plan this trip, thankfully Gary and Jan did, but it wasn’t until about a month before that I decided to come along. The day I left for Fort Lauderdale was one of the most important days in my life. As I packed and readied myself to leave, time stopped for a moment, as I said goodbye to my former husband with a hug and a kiss. He gave me a message for the dolphins. We exchanged smiles and another loving embrace. This memory, I will cherish forever, as it was one of the last times I saw Nathan before he passed on.

Stacey, Lee Anne and myself planned to share a room in Fort Lauderdale, but the girls were on a flight that was delayed. I checked into our gorgeous beach front hotel room and sat in silence meditating on the balcony. The only image that appeared to me was that of dolphins swimming and jumping along the surface of the sea. I immediately decided that even though it was dark out, I needed to put my feet into the ocean. The Floridian waters were much warmer than the waters up north and for that I was grateful. I could feel a connection to Bimini that was so strong with my feet in the water and my body facing East.

That night, I had dinner at an Italian restaurant right on the beach, I sat at the street level on a comfy couch. I was far less interested in the food, even though it was lovely, than the wonderful saxophone player, Mike, who seemed to be right at home playing this venue. He played everything from Bob Marley to Elton John to FUN. We shared a nice connection, he came down to the street and played for me a couple times and I must admit when he played Three Little Birds, the sound was just so sweet, that it brought tears to my eyes. I was so deeply connected to the vibration of his music, I stayed for the whole night and didn’t even realize the time as I walked back to the hotel.

As I reflected on my evening, I was grateful for the journey thus far and the experience I was about to embark upon. I was ready and I felt I was in exactly the right place at the right time.



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