Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 2

The girls managed to arrive safely from NH. It was nice to all wake up together and take in the magnitude of the view from the hotel balcony and from the beach. The Atlantic seemed so massive, which of course it is, but when I think about touching the same body of water in NH that I was now touching in FL, it sure made me feel small. I took some time this morning and afternoon, too, to get into the water and meld and connect with it deeply. The waves were such that it was difficult to just float on my back without getting splashed around. I decided to just join in the waves, jumping, diving and playing. I tend to relish in any experience in which I can act like a young child again and this was no exception.

Today, was a special day as the girls and I met up with Gary and Jan and two clients, Donna and Denny. We met up at a restaurant called Sublime that happened to be vegan and was delicious. There were a few details to work out about travel and whatnot, but once we were able to settle in, the collective energy of our group strengthened with our in person meeting. It was a fantastic feeling, though I personally couldn’t wait to get to Bimini.


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