Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 3

After boarding the taxi to bring us all to the executive airport and getting over our need for Starbucks coffee or peppermint tea, it began to set in that we’d soon be on Bimini. There was a brief waiting period at this tiny airport and then we were off in a 12 passenger plane across the Atlantic to our destination. The Bahamian waters were a beautiful shade of aqua that reminded me of the Caribbean.  The island of Bimini itself was relatively flat. I could feel the energy of dolphins the whole time we were flying and this feeling only became stronger as we landed and boarded the Indigo.

We met Sylvia, Pam, Katerina, Christina and Ines. Katerina roomed with us girls in the “giggle room” and she was the perfect addition to our group. We also met the crew, Captain Geoffrey, Alex, who cooked and led us in the water, Blair, an aussie who took amazing photos and drove the boat, and Christian, the marine biologist, captain in training and jack of all trades. As I describe each of these wonderful crew members, I realize, they did so much more to make our experience fantastic. I am certainly grateful to know each of them.

We all walked as a group to Shell Beach. Gary’s shirt read, “nature is my medicine”. I couldn’t help but feel that I’d already begun to take in the gifts and medicine of nature on this trip and that it was going to be profound in so many ways. I felt quiet within myself, even though there was much chatter going on between everyone. I felt pure consciousness as we arrived at the beach. I immediately, as did most, went for the water.


After a substantial amount of time, floating, connecting to the water, the fish, my most authentic self and the energy of the other members of the group, I went off along the beach and noticed tiny shells, which I began to collect. I was instantly brought to a memory of my Nana, who always collected shells in Sarasota. As a small child, I’d ask her if she painted them to give them the orange or pink hues. She always told me she hadn’t but I think I still doubted her as the colors were so subtly beautiful. It seemed these shells were just the same as those I’d played with in her living room while growing up. And it seemed I knew once and for all that the shells were just naturally that beautiful and they hadn’t been painted after all! I sat with my shells and was honored to feel a deep connection to my Nana. I could feel her within me. I shed a little tear.


At the other end of the beach, the shells were quite the opposite, they were large conch shells. Nana had a collection of these which I now possess. I found the smallest of the conch shells and decided I would take it back with me. After taking another dip in Mama Ocean and floating for a while longer, it was time for us to return to the Indigo. It was really nice to talk with and get to know the people we’d be sharing space and energy and hopefully dolphins with over the next few days. There was an amazing sunset going on outside the Bimini Beach Club, where we had dinner and I couldn’t help myself but to leave the dinner table and be with the sunset. My first Bimini sunset had me hooked!


That night, seeking silence and solitude, I slept on the sun deck underneath the stars. The stars were brilliant and the energy sleeping under them was truly wonderful. I think this was the first time, since I was a child that I’d slept outside completely immersed in nature. I loved every moment of it.



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