Welcoming 2015

I’ve spent many years in Boston for New Years Eve and subsequently New Years Day. I’m not particularly sure why but there’s always something drawing me into the city this time of year. When I was younger it was likely related to a night out, painting the town with my girlfriends. This has changed tremendously as today, New Years Day, I found myself taking the first train into the city with a couple books, yoga pants and my journal. I am working with a bodywork mentor for the next few days and taking some much needed time for my own soul searching and development.

As I boarded the train, I realized how natural it felt to embark upon this journey of my own self work and stay the course of my authentic self. The book I began reading on the train, as the sun rose in Orange hues, was called Grayson by Lynne Cox. She wrote about her encounter at age 17 with a 3-4 month old gray whale that had lost his mother and found a friend in Lynne. I was able to finish the book in just the early morning hours, in fact, I’m grateful it was an easy book to read as I simply could not put it down. The way that Lynne talks about her experience with this young gray whale and the details of her story and emotions is captivating. I felt like I was having the experience with her, while merely reading.

The intimate connection that Lynne shared with the whales is something I can relate to from my work and experience with dolphins. I admire Lynne’s availability to have a profound connection with the sea, the whale and all the other creatures she encountered in her story at such a young age. I can only imagine that she’s had other experiences in her time in the water where she’s felt the melding of herself with the world of the sea and its creatures.

Lynne writes

Words are sometimes too small, too confining, to convey the depth of thought and strength of emotion. How does a whale communicate love, hope, fear, or joy?

Maybe you communicate with your heart. That is what connects you to every living thing on earth. Use your heart. It is love that surpasses all borders and barriers. It is as constant and endless as the sea.

I really felt a deep connection to this quote and I have felt this feeling when in the presence of Dolphins. I’ve often felt my heart so deeply connected to theirs, that words or thoughts were not necessary nor were they present. The conversations that occur between hearts are the most beautiful.

I began to think about how profound and wonderful this heart to heart communication is with another species, but what about with other humans? How often do we stop and just feel with someone? How often do we just let love flow heart to heart between ourselves and the humans we are closest to? What would happen if we approached every situation with love and attempted to communicate first from our hearts?

Lynne writes:

Wait as long as you need to. The waiting is so important as the doing; it’s the time you spend training and the rest in between; it’s the painting the subject and the space in between; it’s the reading and the thinking about what you’ve read; it’s the written words, what is said, what is left unsaid, the space between the thoughts on the page, that makes the story, and it’s the space between the notes, the intervals between fast and slow, that makes the music. It’s the love of being together, the spacing, the tension of being apart, that brings you back together.

So today, as many of us do, on first day of the new year, I am making a conscious resolution. In this journey, this life, I shall communicate with an open heart, from a place of love and I shall allow the “wait”, knowing that my path will bring me exactly where I need to be at exactly the right time.


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