Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 5

The water was rougher than we’d have liked on this particular day and there wasn’t much hope to get into the water with the fast moving spotted dolphins we’d see, but the day was still really magical. Today was all about deeply connecting with the community that was on the boat. It was nice to share with each other about life, and the depths of it.


After much watching and completing a square at the perimeter of the dolphin grounds, twice, we finally spotted dolphins! It was the first time I’d ever seen the spotted dolphins before. They were smaller and faster than I’d imagined they’d be. There were several adolescents and adults that appeared to be playing, feeding and making love (or at least practicing). A few of the little spotted had remora stuck to them, which seemed to make the little dolphins quite unhappy or at least annoyed as they were leaping out of the water and coming down on their sides in attempt to dislodge the freeloading fish. We observed them for a long time and enjoyed seeing the playful jumps, tail slaps, interactions with each other and bow riding. It was an amazing afternoon. I think we were all thrilled with being graced by the presence of these beautiful creatures.


After talking with members of our human pod, I realized that some were seeking more. They wanted to be in the water with the dolphins. Part of me became quite sad that we didn’t get a chance to swim with the dolphins, I realized how blessed I was to have had them with me for much of the day and how special it was to see them interacting in the way I did. I realized that within my own self I was completely satisfied with the day, until I became aware of the expectations of others and began to have expectations myself. I reflected upon what I knew was true within my own self and that was how grateful I was for the day. I was honored to have the opportunity to be at sea in any capacity with these amazing creatures.



As we were heading back to East Wells, where we’d anchor to sleep for the night, we saw a pod of bottlenose dolphins, which were in pursuit of something. It was nice to briefly share a sighting of the bottlenose.

We watched Dean and JoJo late that night. Dean and JoJo is one of those movies that I just can’t help but smile during. I spent some time that evening gazing at the stars in the presence of some fantastic company. Before heading off to the giggle room to catch some z’s, a bottlenose dolphin surfaced twice and we could hear his breath. The perfect sentiment to go to sleep with. I dreamt of dolphins, lucidly.



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