Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 7

I woke after what seemed to be a brief sleep. The previous night in East Wells, there was the most gorgeous sunset in a sky of thunderheads and a subsequent heat lightning storm that went on for most of the evening into the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t help but watch this exhilarating storm that lit up the horizon on all sides of the boat. The energy of this storm was electrifying to my soul. The patterns of the bolts were scattered about the sky and it was difficult to choose which direction to watch as there were flashes in every angle. This was probably the most amazing lightning storm I’d ever witnessed. The lighting behind the clouds made for a dimension of light and dark that was so beautiful.  Sharing this evening with a friend was such a wonderful experience. My breath was taken away…


On this day, we spotted 6 pairs of moms and babies and one lone adult female. We were quickly given the go ahead to get into the water with these beautiful dolphins on the ropes. The moms still had mammary glands, I observed a little feeding from the boat, but not once we were in the water with these dolphins.


In the water, the dance of the moms and babies was eloquent and beautiful. It was silent and sweet. The dolphin pairings of moms and babies remained while we swam with them and they explored us, spy hopped with us and used sonar. The sonar of the babies seemed to have a different more intense “buzzing” quality than that of the adult dolphins.


At one point, a momma rub her pectoral fin against my belly and the baby followed suite doing the same. This experience was blissful.


We swam off the lines with these dolphins for a little while. It was nice to be completely free with the dolphins, swimming about. It reminded me of how different our “worlds” are, ours and that of the dolphins. Their lives are much simpler than ours, they do not have corporations, society guidelines, and rules to follow. They just are. Considering that we know their level of intelligence is the most comparable to humans, it is quite magnificent to think of the simplicity that they live with and how they have everything they need within their environment and within their social structure. While it might not be possible for humans to simplify our lives to that extent, it sure made me think about the things in life that really matter. Being in the moment, enjoying life, and spending time with people that are special to me are priorities that came to mind. Consciousness…



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