Dolphins, Love, Bimini – Day 8

On this final day in Bimini, I was filled with such immense gratitude, but it was near impossible to leave this amazing place. I’d had one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life and I didn’t want the experience to end. I didn’t want to leave the collective energy of the human pod or the dolphin pod. I felt like I’d been given a gift on this trip and that was seeing myself completely, for the first time in a long while. I saw the meaning of life and the magic that each day has to offer so clearly. I cried saying goodbye to the crew, my new friends and my friends that I took the trip with. I left the island of Bimini, knowing that I would never be the same again and that moving forward I had clarity on my path. When I returned to the states and eventually to my home in New Hampshire, the dolphins and the energy of the group remained and in fact, three months later, still remains.


While my life has not been simple in these last three months, in some ways, it really has become simpler in others. There have been more moments of reflecting, lesson learning and growing in the past year than any other. I have been through challenges that I never expected I would face, but I’m still here and I have so much to express gratitude for. I have been blessed with a life that is filled with love, a family and friends that surround me, a career that I love, and a journey that is fulfilling and joyful. Thank you, universe!


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