Field Report: Love

Field Report 08/09/13: by Founding Facilitator Krystal Today we are fortunate to facilitate two more sessions with the dolphins. And all of the facilitators were able to trade sessions in the water as well. Our client reported that today her sessions felt cumulative and provided deeper meaning to yesterday’s sessions. I would like to share […]

Field Report: The Power of the Ocean

Field Report: 08/08/13 by Founding Facilitator Krystal Last night at dinner, I asked our client Nancy about her goals for today’s sessions. She first quoted Herman Melville, thinking about the power of the ocean. There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about the sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden […]

It Begins! Follow the August 2013 Trip

Hi Friends! I dropped the Pure Fin Facilitators off at the airport last night around 8 pm, and they flew out around midnight.¬† Some were hoping to sleep on the plane, and during the lay over in St. Thomas, but I’m sure they’re rejuvenated now by the sun and sand and ocean in the British […]

Dolphin and Human together

July 2013 Updates

Hi Friends! I’m super excited to write this update about the things that Pure Fin, LLC has going on! In about a week and a half, the Pure Fin Holistic Wellness Facilitators will be traveling to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). ¬†They’re scheduled to leave from the states on August 6th and return on August […]