February 2015 Immersion

I am honored to share with you this photo montage from our February Immersion Program. These photos are from a holistic wellness session at Dolphin Discovery, Tortola. The dolphin assisting this session was Hector, a 4 year old dolphin. She is the daughter of Maggie and Hippo. Advertisements

living the dream

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to reconnect with someone I shared a special connection with. Our brief conversation via Facebook messenger (I’m embarrassed to admit) was deeply profound! Our conversation quickly went from light and airy and fun to contemplating what life means and what “living the dream” is really all about. While our paths […]

Dolphin Energy

Today I came across an article by Dr. John Upledger. Dr. Upledger founded the Upledger Institute, and in many ways pioneered partnering with dolphins in therapy work. This article, titled “My Dolphin Mentor” (MassageToday.com “CranioSacrally Speaking,” November 2002) relates the story of Dr. Upledger’s connection with dolphins, specifically a dolphin named AJ, and the gift […]

Meet Keplar!

So, I’m Keplar. I am a male dolphin at Dolphin Discovery Tortola. I am about 20 years old. I love attention from humans and other dolphins, especially the females! I am not the alpha male, though I’ve vied for this spot many times. Hippo, the 40 something year old, continues to win rights to mate. […]

Why Tortola?

I want our clients, readers, industry, and activists to know why we utilize Dolphin Discovery Tortola for our holistic wellness sessions. First off,¬†intuition was an important part in making the decision to begin a program that provides holistic wellness sessions in the water with dolphins! The universe began by providing me with an opportunity to […]

Atlantic White Sided Dolphins

        I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with all of our readers! These were taken last Sunday off the coast of Hampton NH!! We saw a superpod of about 100 dolphins! These atlantic white sided beauties were so playful! Being in their presence and feeling their energy was purely […]

Field Report: Promise

¬†Field Report 13th August 2013 by: Founding Facilitator Krystal Couture Today is our final day in the beautiful Caribbean Islands. Our practices, families and friends at home await our return. Facilitator Julie and I spent our morning floating in the ocean along Cruz Bay. I set my intention to integrate all of the beautiful parts […]