February 2015 Immersion

I am honored to share with you this photo montage from our February Immersion Program. These photos are from a holistic wellness session at Dolphin Discovery, Tortola. The dolphin assisting this session was Hector, a 4 year old dolphin. She is the daughter of Maggie and Hippo. Advertisements

Brian Skerry – Right Whales

I came across these videos on National Geographic a couple of days ago. I was so mesmerized by the experience that photographer Brian Skerry had, that I watched the videos multiple times. And I wanted to share them with you. Nat Geo Live – Brian Skerry Ocean Soul: Magical Day with Right Whale The opportunity […]

Dolphins and Magnets

Recently, there’s been an influx of attention online regarding the topic of dolphins being sensitive to magnetic stimuli. Based on what I could find, this is due to a recently published study by Kremers et al in Planete Sauvage, France. Here is a link to the first online report I found siting the publication. Springer […]

Dolphin Intelligence Day 6

Today, for all of you science geeks, research lovers, dolphin obsessors and those who’ve stumbled upon this page and have extra time on your hands, I have decided to post a research article that details the neuroanatomy of dolphins and touches on why they are such conscious beings. Dolphin Consciousness: Everything you wanted to know […]

Dolphin Intelligence Day 1

I have decided that it might be a fun idea to really dive into dolphin intelligence for all of our readers, sharing research, articles, experiences and videos. Thanks to BBC America for posting this series Dolphins – Deep Thinkers? Here is part 1 to their video presentation. This is just scratching the surface of dolphin […]